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Curation Policy

What is curation? To us, curation is the process of finding interesting, informative, and highly appropriate articles to share with our readers. Since we know that we are sharing the intellectual property of other people or sites, we do our best to hold up to ethical standards regarding curation. We take curation seriously here at TechBargainSpot.com. By choosing an article or story from your site, we are giving it our vote of approval. Through excerpts, commentary, and analysis of your article or story, we are giving it our highest recommendation. We make sure that we provide the source of the information by providing your site name or providing links directly to your site so that our readers can also visit and view your article on your website.

Our curation is designed in such as a way so that we can to send our readers to your site and your articles. We curated and excerpted your article since we deemed it to be outstanding in some way, found it to be very informative, and thought that it was worth sharing with our readers. If for any reason you would not want us to excerpt your article or story, please do feel free to contact us and request to have your article or story taken down. We will immediately and without exception comply with your request to remove the article or story. We will also put your site on our list of sites never to excerpt from.

We use excerpts from your articles or stories in order to be able to communicate the essence of the topic that we are providing our readers. For our curation, we excerpt your content to inform our readers and to point them to the original source of the excerpt. By doing so, we want our readers to discover and visit your original article or story on your site as this makes our readers better informed about the topic that they are interested in. When we feature your article or story, we give you full credit by providing the source of the content or through links back to your site so that we can send you our readers.

Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the people who contact us regarding our curation and excerpting are from authors or sites who are appreciative and delighted to receive additional exposure and readership for their articles or stories as a result of our curation and being featured on our site.

We are aware that the standards for curation is continuously evolving. We also are aware that your standards may not be the same as ours. It is also for this reason that we are open to suggestions as to how you would like your articles or stories be curated. However, in the event that you might have any questions or concerns about our use of your article or story, or that you think that our standards are not up to par with your standards, please do feel free to let us know. We will fix the issue to your standards right away.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: Customer.Care@TechBargainSpot.com 


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